Magnhild Øen Nordahl

The Distance To The Horizon


Video, 26:34

The Distance to The Horizon (2016) documents a journey at sea which aims to convey a more direct feeling of the curvature of the Earth by traveling the calculated distance to the horizon. The simple mathematical formula d=√2hr was used to decide how far to sail in the boat with «d» indicating distance to the horizon, «h» height above sea level and «r» Earth radius. The constantly forward moving horizon in the video mirrors the impossibility of actually calculating this distance accurately; Height above sea level is constantly changing while sitting on a boat, the exact Earth radius varies from place to place on the planet and must be approximated with an average Earth radius, the 30 year old boat engine will not maintain 100% stabile speed and atmospheric refraction is ignored all together. The simplified abstraction will always be an approximation.

The video here is a 5 minute excerpt of the piece.