Magnhild Øen Nordahl
Explode Mesh I with Secret Support #1 and Secret Support #5 in the back, Secret Support #2 and Objects at Hand in front.

Ombygde Abstraksjonar is the final presentation of my artistic research PhD, Unmaking Abstractions, carried out at The Faculty of Art, Music and Design at The University in Bergen between 2018 and 2022. The exhibition was curated by Randi Grov Berger and Entrée was presented at Oseana Kunst og Kultursenter in Os, Norway. The exhibition ran in parallel with an open studio at Entrée in Bergen, where I shared works in progress, library and research materials in combination with a public event program. Please visit the website for more information about the PhD project. Below follows a description of the works included in the exhibition.

Objects at Hand (2022)

Jesmonite sculptures, sizes up to 20x20x25 cm.

The sculptures are made from 3D scans of objects in the office of the reverse engineering company CGISimulations Ltd. The objects were used by Sirisha Shashikanth and her colleagues when they trained on operating a 3D scanner. The 3D models then went through a series of abstraction processes and transformations that the final castings bear witness of.

Explode Mesh I, Explode Mesh II (2022)

Exhibition architecture in painted wood and MDF. 10,0 x 3,0 x 0,6 m and  3,9 x 3,0 x 0,6 m

Explode Mesh I and II are sculptural walls made to function as exhibition architecture for the show. The triangular mesh structure of the walls is derived from an enlarged excerpt of the polygonal 3D model. The same 3D model was used to create the hammer in “Objects at Hand”.

Holder (2020)

Interactive sculptures in birch, oak and walnut holding color samples of anodized and spray-painted aluminum tubes, painted pine sticks and tape rolls. Tables made from 19mm laminated forescolor boards, sized 110x80x86 cm, 100x84x86 cm and 110x75x86 cm.

The interactive sculptures are each accompanied by one how-to videos on the Youtube channels Design Sangam, Product Design Online and Mufasu CAD. For more information on the piece Holder, please visit

Secret Support (2019)

20 mm anodized aluminum tubes. Sizes up to 40x30x120xcm

Secret Support' is a close study of translations between the digital and non-digital which takes place when a virtual shape is turned into a physical object. The shape of the sculptures are derived from the support structures that hold an object in place while being 3D printed, a structure which is automatically generated by a proprietary algorithm. The series is included in the collection of KODE Art Museum. For more information please visit

Objects at Hand
Detail from Objects at Hand
Secret Support #2
Secret Support #5
Explode Mesh I, front view
Explode Mesh I, back view
Detail from Explode Mesh I with Explode Mesh II in background
Detail from Explode Mesh I
Exhibition overview with Explode Mesh I in foreground
Secret Support #6 installed on Explode Mesh II
Exhibition overview
Holder sculptures in front, Explode Mesh II with Secret Support #6 in back