Magnhild Øen Nordahl
The physical production in the workshop took place in the digital lab of Aldea Center for Contemporary Art, Design and Technology

Replicator Workshop


The Replicator Workshop was a three day workshop developed and led by Magnhild Øen Nordahl and Gabriele de Seta. In the workshop we tested out emerging methods for generating 3D models using a selection of recently developed, early stage AI webtools such as 3DFY, Alpha3D, MasterpieceX, Meshcapade and Shap-E. Trying to understand how generative AI can be used to produce physical objects in the near future we followed a learning by doing approach, as well as a learning from each other approach, together with the participating artists Andreas Zissler, Silver Carlsson and Funda Zeynep Agüler.

A selection of the models were 3D printed, CNC milled and cast in acrylic plaster, and the workshop results were presented in a talk during the core days of Bergen Center for Electronic Art’s symposium The Only Lasting Truth is Change in fall 2023.

Shape generated using a the text prompt "time". Identical prompt giving completely different shapes, and the seemingly simple geometric shape with a very complex wireframe structure.
The features of this shape - flat, elliptic, almost symmetric shape with pointy parts and holes- recurred in objects prompted by completely different texts, for example the "time" prompt
Ai generated 3D model materialized in different digital fabricaiton processes: CNC milling, 3D printing and 3D-printing to casting.
A selection of 3D printed models from the workshop
Gabriele de Seta digitized with the webtool Meshcapade
Workshop participants in the style of Georg Giese. Photos by Silver Carlsson.
Presentation during BEK symposium. Photo: Petronella Halvorsen/BEK