Magnhild Øen Nordahl
Installation view from Milieu gallery in Bern, Switzerland

Riegelbau is a series of wall works that are based on half timbered houses I saw during visits to Switzerland in 2010. They are some of the first in a larger body of work spanning from 2009 until 2020 which focuses on support structures, and how the shape of these have changed alongside a technological development which also has great implications for the workers involved in the making of houses and things.

The first group of sculptures were made during a residency at Die Fabrik in Burgdorf in 2010 and shown in an exhibition at Milieu in Bern, Switzerland the same year.

Riegelbau#1. Wood, paint. 285x505x21 mm
Riegelbau#2 Wood, paint. 265x46x21 mm
Riegelbau#3. Wood, paint. 890x240x21 mm
Riegelbau#4. Wood, paint. 360x280x21 mm
Riegelbau#5. Wood, paint. 540x300x21 mm
Riegelbau#6. Wood, paint. 360x280x21 mm
Riegelbau#7. Wood, paint. 390x280x21 mm
Riegelbau#8. Wood, paint. 430x360x21 mm
Riegelbau#9. Wood, paint. 545x285x21 mm
Riegelbau#10. Wood, paint. 285x505x21 mm
Installation view from the first Riegelbau series exhibited at Milieu gallery in Bern next to paintings by artist Kristin Austreid.