Magnhild Øen Nordahl



Acrylic plaster.  

The low reliefs are shaped by production traces from projects by many different artists and workshop users working with a CNC-machine. They are made by creating molds from the baseplates, or spoilboards, of CNC machines in the workshops of Aldea in Bergen and Fellesverkstedet in Oslo, as well as the self-built CNC-machine of Jens Dyvik. The series is an ongoing project which will expand with visits to new workshops.

Images from the exhibition "Ways of Unseeing" at Lunds Konsthall.

Made with support from Bergen Kommune and Office for Contemporary Art Norway

Spoilboard #1-#3 (Aldea). 34 x 58 x 2,5 cm.
Spoilboard #1 (Aldea)
Spoilboard #2 (Aldea)
Spoilboard #3 (Aldea)
Offerplate #4-#5 (Fellesverkstedet). 44 x 44 x 4 cm.
Offerplate #6-#7 (Jens Dyvik). 41 x 60 x 2 cm.