Magnhild Øen Nordahl

Two Rocks Do Not Make a Duck


Made in collaboration with Cameron MacLeod

Two Rocks do Not Make aDuck is a site specific and interactive sculpture- and Virtual Reality (VR) artwork commissioned for the Munch Triennale "The Machine is Us". Each time the work is presented the VR environment is recreated to match the geographical surroundings of the exhibition space. When a person put on the VR headset in the installation at the Munch museum in Oslo they would see a virtual version of the view outside the windows of the exhibition space. The river, the fjord and other geographical landmarks were there, but no buildings or other objects made by humans. A simulated nature-version of the cityscape remained. By lifting and moving around rock-shaped sculptures people could experience changes in the virtual environment, such as different weather conditions, different times of day and times of year. 

The VR scene was developed by Jonathan Nielssen and Jørgen Steinset. The production of the work was supported by the Munch Museum, CALENDARS research group at UiB, Bergen Kommune, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, Kulturrådet and Vestland Fylke.

The windows of the exhibition space faced downtown Oslo, the river mouth of Akerselva and the Oslofjord
The view of the area in VR
The same VR landscape in winter
A three dimensional floor in the installation corresponded with the ground in VR
The rock shaped sculptures had VR-trackers on them, and the virtual rock would therefor move when the physical rock was moved
Rock in VR