Magnhild Øen Nordahl

Vika Sjóvar


Vika Sjóvar was a project carried out in public space in the context of the Imagining Commons art weekend organized by VOLT and Marie Nerland in Bergen.

People were invited to participate in an ongoing research of body based measurement units, in this case a Vika Sjóvar which is old Norse for «a rower’s shift». The participants were encouraged to take the definition of this unit literally and try out how far they could row before needing to take a break. Vika Sjóvar is only one of many pre-metric and body based measurement units that were being tested out during the spring of 2015, and also included measurement units such as a stone’s throw, an arrow shot, a halt, a day’s journey and other.

Click here to read a text by Stian Gabrielsen about the work.