Magnhild Øen Nordahl

Standard Primitives


Sculptures in various sizes and materials, video and 3D animation

The sculpture series Standard Primitives and Extended Primitives has its title from the 3D modeling software 3DStudioMax, denoting the basic components of the program’s library of construction modules: A sphere, a cylinder, a cone, and so forth. The seemingly neutral digital modules were crafted one by one from wood, rock, glass, styrofoam and other materials based on what resources could be accessed in the local context of the production. The work aimed to explore the doubleness of the digital 3D model as simultaneously seemingly disembodied and universal, while at the same time being a highly particular construction shaping both physical and virtual worlds.

The exhibition also included the animation video In World View and the video The Distance To The Horizon and was curated by Anthea Buys Kemp at Hordaland Kunstsenter in 2016 .

Click here to read a text written by Hans Carlsson for the exhibition.

Screenshot from the viewport in 3DStudioMax with Standard Primitives and Extended Primitives, the software's standard building blocks for 3D modeling.